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I believe in a world where passionate individuals can pursue their dreams, free from burnout and stress-triggered chronic illness. And that’s why it’s my mission to help driven individuals move from exhaustion, struggle and illness to health, empowerment and success.

You absolutely CAN be the success you want to see in the world whilst thriving in health.

Offering individual coaching, group training, workshops, and the Lightning Process, I help:

  • driven and ambitious individuals thrive in health and succeed in career
  • those living with chronic illness and burnout to regain their health

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What others say

“I’ve had coaching from Lauren several times over the last year or so and she’s helped me make some profound shifts in different areas of my life.

In my business she helped me overcome my long-held fear of marketing, and a belief that I was rubbish at that side of my business. As a direct result of this I am now confidently doing lots of brave marketing on a regular consistent basis, which means my income stream is now a lot more predictable, as I am generating the leads I need all the time.

She’s also helped me overcome deep-rooted anxiety around different issues in my business and health, and this has enabled me to go out into the work and be who I am meant to be.

Lauren without doubt is a highly skilled coach with an innate talent for what she does. She was born to do this work and has a tremendously deep passion to help people live their fullest lives. We all have beliefs that don’t help us, and patterns of learned behaviour that hold us back – work with Lauren and you’ll never look back!“

– SH, Nottinghamshire



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