Will the Lightning Process help me?

While we can never guarantee success from the outset, the Lightning Process® has seen incredible results across a wide range of conditions. And this is because, when we find ourselves struggling with things like brain fog, fatigue, IBS and other chronic symptoms, the common denominator is often found in our neurology (aka our nervous system). 

The Lightning Process® works by using the principles of neuroscience to improve our neurological health. And our neurology affects ALL bodily systems. Just like the quality of the soil determines the health and vitality of an ecosystem, the health of our neurology lays the foundation for our physical, social, emotional and psychological health.

For more information, please contact me – it’s important that any decision you make concerning your health is the right decision for you at the right time. Having been in this position myself, I am always more than happy to help.

Contact me at: 07554 841880 or lauren@laurenstoney.co.uk

Further resources

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