This quote is taken from the book ‘Get The Life You Love Now’ written by Phil Parker, and it is a key statement that highlights just how we work when it comes to finally getting the changes we want in our lives.

When my clients come to me – whether for coaching or the Lightning Process – it is because they have reached the point where they are absolutely no longer willing to put up with the c*** in their lives any more. And this goes hand in hand with making that decision that “I am no longer doing this any more. I AM going to do something different to get myself out of this once and for all.”

As humans, we are the result of our life experiences. When it comes to our ways of thinking, our beliefs, the way we see the world, the way we feel – it’s all shaped by the events of our life so far. So when it comes to the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that aren’t serving us in our lives, it’s not our fault that we are carrying them but, we DO have an opportunity to turn them around, into something that is much nicer and more useful for us.

Everything we do is simply a pattern of behaviour or thinking, for instance, anxiety is a pattern…just as being confident is a pattern – neurologically speaking. So when I work with clients, what we’re focusing on is – How do we change this pattern that has been running? What is the best way forward? Exploring past issues is important but there comes a time when you have to release and let go – a time when you say “enough is enough, I’m moving forwards in my life now.” And that is the beauty of the brain – when you know how, almost anything is possible.

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‘Get the life you love now’ by Phil Parker

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