“Over the years I’ve tried many different forms of therapy however had always come away feeling dissatisfied and still ‘stuck’ in the past. I’d been sceptical about NLP and had never considered trying it as a form of therapy however, I thought I’d give it a go and I’m so glad I did! I really didn’t think it’d have any effect on me but I was wrong.

Lauren uses a sensitive and pragmatic approach when dealing with painful subjects which I found really refreshing and surprisingly effective. After just two sessions with Lauren I felt like I’d turned a corner which felt amazing … I would definitely recommend Lauren.”

– Anon, East Sussex

Initially I was skeptical of what I would achieve from my sessions with Lauren… We have information overload  on how to manage our life and how to enhance our ‘life skills’ that I thought this would be just another fad. Speaking to Lauren I was immediately struck by her enthusiasm for all things positive and how she allowed me to initially just talk. The more I talked Lauren very cleverly intercepted when necessary, discussing different ways of viewing my life, thoughts and behaviour. I discovered I had some  pre-conceived ideas and was repeating the same bad choices . Lauren has enabled me to take a different path in life by encouraging me to see the ‘road signs ‘that were always there, more clearly so enabling me to take a different route.”

– CS, Oxfordshire

“Lauren is a truly gifted practitioner. She helped me to regain joy, health, and optimism about life! I loved her sense of humor and calm presence, which invited me to deeply explore some of the things that were holding me back from full vitality. I looked forward to every session and saw improvements quickly! Highly recommend!!”

HR, Texas

I’ve had coaching form Lauren several times over the last year or so and she’s helped me make some profound shifts in different areas of my life.

In my business she helped me overcome my long-held fear of marketing, and a belief that I was rubbish at that side of my business. As a direct result of this I am now confidently doing lots of brave marketing on a regular consistent basis, which means my income stream is now a lot more predictable, as I am generating the leads I need all the time.

She’s also helped me overcome deep-rooted anxiety around different issues in my business and health, and this has enabled me to go out into the work and be who I am meant to be.

Lauren without doubt is a highly skilled coach with an innate talent for what she does. She was born to do this work and has a tremendously deep passion to help people live their fullest lives. We all have beliefs that don’t help us, and patterns of learned behaviour that hold us back – work with Lauren and you’ll never look back!

SH, Nottinghamshire

I had a couple of NLP sessions with Lauren as I had been experiencing agoraphobia. Lauren was very professional and helped me to feel comfortable talking about my issues, which I had not spoken to many people about before. After having an initial taster session, I already started to experience change. I felt much more relaxed, and able to make changes myself, which I hadn’t perceived as possible before. We had a couple of NLP sessions shortly after,  and I felt I had stepped into a much more positive and empowering energy. Within the same week, I had been using techniques that Lauren had taught me to help keep me calm and connected with positive energy, and subsequently I found a new job, and career change, which I now actually look forward to going to, and I feel much happier.

NLP is a versatile therapy and I highly recommend Lauren as a practitioner to people looking for help with any aspect of their life.  Thank you, Lauren.”

– FS, Nottinghamshire

I have had the pleasure of a few sessions with Lauren and have found her incredibly helpful, from niggling, annoying issues to the way you live your day to day life – Lauren really helps you to see ‘outside the box’. Even when you struggle to sometimes see the right way to progress, Lauren will skilfully help you to find another way that will work and help you.

She is very empathetic with a very good way of relaxing and soothing you. If you need a specific problem sorting or want to change the way you live your life she can do that! As they say, for me, before i did my sessions I felt like I was  looking in the gutter and now it’s like looking at the stars!

– Anon, Berkshire