Please find below testimonials from some of my lovely clients who have done the Lightning Process with me. You can also find more Lightning Process reviews via my business page on Google, and more generally, on the Lightning Process head office site and/or YouTube.

“Before my teenager son started the Lightning Process with Lauren I was skeptical. The online testimonials looked too good to be true. However, faced with a child whose life was being affected and limited by ME, we decided to go ahead with it.

After day 1, I was worried as the immediate change that some of the testimonials mentioned wasn’t happening with my son. Day 2 & 3 saw some gradual changes and over the next few days and weeks some milestones were reached like walking to school for the first time in months, walking the dog, being able to concentrate longer in lessons, socialising with friends etc.

We’re now just over a month post LP course and it feels I have my old son back. The nausea has gone, the overwhelming weariness has vanished, the aches and pains are a thing of the past.

The ongoing support that Lauren offers after the course is a great way to keep on track and also very reassuring”

– Claire H

I attended the Lightning process seminar with Lauren a couple of months ago, I was a little sceptical to be completely honest but having been down most other avenues I thought it was worth a go.

What can i say… it was totally life changing for me and Lauren is my absolute hero ….. she was so inspirational and supportive, I have never met anyone quite like her and I am so grateful for what she has given me.

I now have a new way of thinking and living, I’m able to eat a thousand more things and keep my pain under control, my future looks positive for the first time in years.

I feel like i have a mental toolbox to take with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you Lauren from the very bottom of my heart x

– Jooles, Surrey

“It has been a month since I completed the Lightning Process with Lauren and I can sum it up by saying ‘I’ve got my life back’! I came to the course having had fatigue for a year and getting worried that I was stuck with it forever.

Immediately on the course it felt like the factory reset button was pressed and life could begin. I now do all the things I’d stopped like running and going out at night. I even commute to London two days a week in my new job!

Yes I do still have the odd ‘dip day’ but the difference is I don’t worry about them and I don’t feel like an ‘ill person’ in my mind. I write this having just completed my first full parkrun in a year!”

– Caroline, East Sussex

“I am so glad that I did the Lightning Process and very grateful to Lauren for her help and support. I went to the LP hoping to get control of anxiety. Now a few months down the line and I am so much happier, calmer and more confident in myself. I can’t believe the difference it has already made and I know this is just the beginning which is exciting!

I rarely have a low day now but when I do I know how to deal with it and take control. Lauren was fab and made me feel comfortable and inspired and still continues to be a great coach. It really has changed my life – thank you so much Lauren!”

– Briony, Hampshire

“My 3 day seminar with Lauren ,has for me been life changing. By doing the process regularly I now have started to form a more positive way of thinking , it has also helped me to interrupt any negative thoughts and actions before they may take me down a not useful path .

Knowing that I have my coach (myself) with me every step of the way is very comforting as I am never on my own anymore. My coach believes in me and this has helped to make challenging times shorter and less stressful.

Thank you Lauren”

Claire, Oxfordshire

“Two months since completing the three day Lightning Process course I have noticed many improvements in my energy and anxiety levels. I have been able to cycle 200 miles each month and raised money for Sport Relief. I have generally been feeling calmer and more able to cope with life and have noticed my stress levels dissipating. I have also held down a job in a town 110 miles away every Tuesday for 6 months and therefore must have reasonable amounts of energy to do that.
The process helps me to notice the positives in my life more than the negatives and is gradually encouraging me to be more positive and optimistic in general. I found the process helped me notice how negative I could be but, because I have choice, I could change the way I felt towards situations. Hopefully I am becoming a nicer person for people to be around at the same time! I generally sleep during the night again rather than slipping in to bed for a few hours during the day which I used to do.
I shall continue using the process every day until I feel 100% back to health and feel well again and would recommend anyone who is struggling with severe, debilitating tiredness to give LP a try as it could make so many improvements to their health and life.”
– Maggie, Surrey