Lightning Process®

Lightning Process training

I offer Lightning Process training across Brighton and Farnham. Having used the Lightning Process for health issues in a previous life, I am well versed in helping clients work through any stress, burnout or health issues they may be facing using this approach.

What is the Lightning Process®?

The Lightning Process® is a three day neuro-physiological training programme that gives people the tools and skills they need to change their health for the better. It has seen broad-ranging success with a wide range of both physical and mental issues.

What happens during the Lightning Process®?

During the course of the three day seminar, we cover topics around:

  • The psychology of neurology (how our thoughts influence our neurological health)
  • The role that neurology plays in illness (both physical and mental)
  • The physiological emergency response
  • Restoration of homeostasis
  • How we can change the way in which our neurological pathways are activated
  • What we need to do to turn our health around for the better

Across the three days, I provide continuous coaching, guidance and support. I will also provide you with homework to take away with you – the more fully and completely you take this on will largely influence the level of physical and mental change you make.

Further details

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you want to find out more – I have first hand experience of doing the Lightning Process® and training others in it so I’m always happy to talk and help you reach an informed decision . You can call me on 07754 841 880 or email me at for more information.

Most importantly, there is never any obligation to commit to training – with me or anyone else – the most important thing is you do what is right for you, and, if you choose to do the training, you work with a practitioner who you ‘connect’ with.

Further resources

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